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Handpicked Italian Fiction, June 2012

Posted June 06, 2012

Il Rumore Dei Baci A Vuoto


 Italian Bestsellers for June, 2012



La Solitudine Dei Numeri Primi

Paolo Giordano


Gli Occhi di Venezia

Alessandro Barbero


L'Ultima Riga Della Favole

Massimo Gramellino


E La Mia Vita

Al Bano


Terza Generazione (Looking For Alibrandi)

Melina Marchetta


Brand New June Releases



Un Giorno Questo Dolore ti Sara Utile

Peter Cameron


Ragazza di Fuoco (Hunger Games #2)

Suzanne Collins


La Caduta Dei Giganti (Century Trilogy #1)

Ken Follett


Il Rumore Dei Baci a Vuoto

Luciano Ligabue


L'Ultima Riga Delle Favole

Massimo Gramellini


Our Favourites For This Month!


 Shanghai Baby

Shanghai Baby Wei Hui

Dark, edgy, deliciously naughty, an intoxicating cocktail of sex and the search for love. Set in the centuries-old port city of Shanghai, the novel follows the days, and nights, of the irrepressible Coco, who waits tables in a cafe when she meets her first lover, a sensitive artist. But, helpless to stop her gentle lover's descent into addiction, Coco becomes attracted to a Westerner, a rich German businessman with a penchant for seduction. With an entourage of friends ranging from a streetwise madame to a rebellious filmmaker, Coco's forays into in the territory of love and lust cross the borders between two cultures -- awakening her guilt and fears of discovery, yet stimulating her emerging sexual self.


"Banned in it's native China, Shanghai Baby has been infamous for raising eyebrows since it's first printing in 1999 and it is not too hard to see why. But there is more to this story than meets the eye. Shanghai Baby is an interesting character study of a young woman discovering herself in contemporary China."

 - Staff Review by Sara


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